Anthony Colarusso is the inventor of the faceshirt, and it all started with one very boring Christmas break.. . I had spent some time that day looking in the mirror. After several hours, I decided that . . . well. . . I am just a good-looking guy. "How can these good looks be exploited?" I thought to myself. After a few sketches I had a really nice render of, the eighth natural wonder of the world. It was impressive, and I wasn't being conceited. . . I just realized that I am better than everyone else. I mounted the face to a shirt and emerged from my room to find my little brother rolling on the ground in laughter. "That's ridiculous. MAKE ME ONE!" That is how it all started. My parents refuse to step out of the house with me when I wear it. They say I'm arrogant. I know I'm arrogant. I wanted to help others become arrogant also.

That story is true. As I grew up a bit, I realized that I wanted to give others the opportunity to create social situations for themselves. I wanted to bring more laughter to this world. I knew I could scale this idea in order to give people the ability to control how much attention they bring on themselves. In 2006 I ordered a box of 300 blank tees, and began selling out of my dorm room. In 2007 I took things to the web and in 2011 I refined the printing process to ensure superior quality and outrageous laughter. In 2012 it was time to go big. With a new website and a ton of additional tees, we needed help. I called my high school buddy Brandon Pence to help me design. In several minutes he had sent me the meathead and potatohead shirts.

Now we are trying to scale this thing. We do not want to beg for facebook likes and tweets, however, if you could please please pretty please with a cherry on top, share this with your friends that would be awesome. I know . . . that's begging.